The Danish Red-Green Alliance

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The Red-Green Alliance was formed in 1989 by three left-wing parties: the Left Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Denmark and the Socialist Workers Party and independent socialists.

The Red-Green Alliance is a democratic socialist party with the aim of combining politics for social change with politics for solving the great environmental problems both on national and international level.

We are opposing privatization and fight for a public sector in which man are at centre, not money. That is why we for years have had a slogan saying »Man before Market«. As a democratic party, we stand for the extension of human and democratic rights. We therefore oppose the US-led so-called »war on terror« which confines the above mentioned rights.

The Red-Green Alliance stands in national and local parliamentary elections. In the elections on February 8, 2005, we gained 6 seats in the national Parliament (Folketing) with 114.123 votes (3,4%).

In the municipal and regional elections on November 15th, 2005, members of the Alliance were elected to municipal councils in 14 cities, including 6 members in the party stronghold of Copenhagen. Here we have one of the seven city mayors (responsible for social affairs). We also got members in 4 out of the 5 new regional councils.

The Red-Green Alliance is working together with socialists and other progressive forces in many countries. We participate in the European Anticapitalist Left (see EACL Declaration, November 2005, EACL Statement November, 2003 and EACL Anti-Capitalist Manifesto, April 29, 2004) and in the New European Left Forum (NELF). The Red-Green Alliance is an observer party in the European Left Party (ELP).

The Red-Green Alliance opposes Danish membership of the European Union. We see the European Union as an agent for neo-liberal politics, anti-democratic and militaristic. We oppose the creation of a European Union and favour European and international cooperation based on equal rights for all nations including the right to independence and selfdetermination.

In August 2002, our National Comittee adopted an alternative to the EU-Constitution. See also THE WORLD IS LARGER THAN THE EU - VOTE NO – Political main points in the campaign of the Red-Green Alliance against the EU Constitution project, adopted by the National Executive on September 20, 2003

We are a staunch opponent to Danish participation in the occupation of Iraq and demand the imme-diate withdrawal of Danish – and all foreign - troops from Iraq.

The Red-Green Alliance believes that an international cooperation should be established in the areas of human rights, the environment, rules that lay down minimum company taxation, and other challenges that need to be dealt with at an international level. This cooperation should be convention-based and inter-governmental.

The Alliance has no chairman, but a collective leadership of 21 persons.

Membership stands at apr. 4.000 (Jan. 2006).