April 23th, 2021

Arthur Lira

Presidente da Câmara dos Deputados

Gabinete 942 – Anexo IV – Câmara dos Deputados – Praça dos Três Poderes

70160-900 Brasília – DF

República Federativa do Brasil


Rodrigo Pacheco

Presidente do Senado Federal

Senado Federal – Anexo 2 – Ala Teotônio Vilela Gabinete 24 – Praça dos Três Poderes

70160-900 Brasília – DF

República Federativa do Brasil


Dear Mr. Arthur Lira,

Dear Mr. Rodrigo Pacheco,


We, members of the Danish Parliament, would like to express our deep concern towards the possibility of the approval of the legislative proposals referring to the following themes: mining on indigenous lands (Bill No. 191/2020, proposed by the House of Representatives); environmental licensing (Bill No. 3729/2004 and addendums, currently in the House of Representatives, and Senate Bill No. 168/2018); and land tenure regularization (Bill No. 2633/2020 in the House of Representatives, and Bill No. 510/2021 in the Federal Senate).


We manifest our concern about the approval of these matters. They can produce simultaneous fronts of negative acts. Increasing deforestation and violence against traditional communities, worsening socio-environmental conditions and endangers our future relations (joint missions, business, investments, trade, cooperation), as we are committed to align with the Paris Climate Agreement, the UN Goals for sustainable development and the respect for Human Rights.


The world is in a climate crisis that needs action from civil society as well as politicians. We need to stand together to combat the climate crisis in order to create a better world. We would like to consider Brazil our partner in a joint effort for a better world. A world that protects human rights, respects biodiversity, the climate, and supports thriving societies. More deforestation, land grabbing and environmental crimes at the expense of human rights will not accomplish this.


Yours sincerely,


Søren Søndergaard, The Red-Green Alliance

Victoria Velásquez, The Red-Green Alliance

Pernille Skipper, The Red-Green Alliance

Peder Hvelplund, The Red-Green Alliance

Rune Lund, The Red-Green Alliance

Rasmus Vestergaard Madsen, The Red-Green Alliance

Henning Hyllested, The Red-Green Alliance

Rosa Lund, The Red-Green Alliance

Eva Flyvholm, The Red-Green Alliance

Christian Juhl, The Red-Green Alliance

Jette Gotlieb, The Red-Green Alliance

Troels Ravn, The Social Democratic Party

Jan E. Jørgensen, The Liberal Party

Bertel Haarder, The Liberal Party

Kim Valentin, The Liberal Party

Peter Juel-Jensen, The Liberal Party

Anne Sophie Callesen, The Social Liberal Party

Susan Kronborg, The Social Liberal Party

Rasmus Nordqvist, The Socialist People’s Party

Signe Munk, The Socialist People’s Party

Karsten Hønge, The Socialist People’s Party

Astrid Carøe, The Socialist People’s Party

Liselott Blixt, The Danish People’s Party

Torsten Gejl, The Alternative

Uffe Elbæk, Independent Greens

Susanne Zimmer, Independent Greens

Aaja Chemnitz Larsen,        Inuit Ataqatigiit

Sjúrður Skaale, Javnaðarflokkurin

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